Interview in Parkiet – condition of Polish biotechnological industry

Andrzej Białkowski-Miler presented the condition of the Polish biotechnological industry in an interview for Parkiet. Companies from this field are receiving increasing interest from the Stock Exchange Market. Many investors expect – not without a reason – return on capital analogical to the American market.
In fact, long-term foundations of development of biotechnological companies are very strong. Any investor who decides to invest in companies from this industry needs to be aware of the potential risk. In such a risky industry, significant fluctuations of exchange rates and entire indices are a standard. In addition, the industry is specific, so the performance of a comprehensive business and financial analysis of a biotechnological company – allowing for mitigation of exchange rate risk – is very difficult.
Nevertheless, Investors at the Warsaw Stock Exchange have a positive perception of this industry. This can prove that biotechnological companies are constantly developing, exchange rates are going up and new companies make their debuts on the stock market. One can expect that the number of such companies on the market will gradually increase, on the Warsaw Stock Exchange as well