BMC achievements

BMC Team (formerly BTM Mazowsze) has been involved in numerous innovative biomedical and biotechnology projects.

We have set up 4 spin-offs:

  • IMNTA Sp. z o.o. (development of new antibacterial drugs)
  • GLIA Sp. z o.o. (development of new oncology drugs)
  • HUMON Sp. z o.o. (development of a technology platform for biomedicine)
  • Simplicardiac Sp. z o.o. (development of an innovative medical device)

We have obtained both private and public funding for three of the above mentioned companies (in total approx. 1.5 M EUR, including approx. 0.3 M EUR of private seed capital), and for one company we are negotiating public investment funding for approx. 0.25 M EUR. Additionally, 2 companies have already obtained second round funding from a venture capital investor.

We have initiated cooperation between science and industry in two projects:

  • Project MERIS – from mitochondria to innovative, protective cosmetics (Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology PAS – Dr Irena Eris S.A.)
  • Project INMET- an innovative programme supporting speech and cognitive disorders therapy (Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology PAS – Netiology Sp. z o.o.)

We have played a key role in obtaining approx. 1.1 M EUR in total for both projects, including several hundred thousand EUR of private seed capital.

We are directly involved in several projects led by research institutes and academia. These include:

  • ‘Innovative method of functional assessment of coronary artery stenosis, by means of in silico flow modelling, performed on the basis of multidetector computed tomography image’.

We have played a crucial role in obtaining approx. 0.9 M EUR funding for this project.

We have successfully assisted our customers in obtaining public funding for several projects. These include:

  • ‘From Basic to Translational Research in Oncology’, BASTION, funding of approx. 5.3 M EUR, Seventh Framework Programme.

Additionally, we have broad experience in smaller projects in the areas of technology transfer and transaction advisory services, including investment banking private placements.

Our clients and partners

Among our clients and partners are leaders of the biomedicine sector in Poland. These include investment funds, innovative biotech companies, major technology transfer units and research institutes, such as:

Venture capital funds:

Biotech companies:

  • Celon Pharma Sp. z o.o.
  • Helix BioPharma
  • Helix Polska
  • INAGEN Sp. z o.o.
  • OncoArendi Sp. z o.o.
  • all BMC-established spin-offs

Universities and research institutes:

Technology transfer units:

Advisory companies:

Orders executed

Market and technology analyses (Quick Look, in-depth or any other type)

  • Analysis of the implementation feasibility of medical device coatings, several independent solutions (Jagiellonian University)
  • Detailed analysis of the market environment for selected antineoplastic and anti-inflammatory compounds (OncoArendi Therapeutics)
  • Analysis of the implementation feasibility of a telemetry system for human physiology monitoring (Military Institute of Aviation Medicine)
  • Detailed analysis of the market environment for selected compounds in the field of metabolic diseases (Jagiellonian University)
  • Analysis of the of implementation feasibility of an innovative medical device (Military Institute of Medicine)

Valuations (in the vast majority of cases in substantive cooperation with A. Podszywałow

  • Valuation of innovative medical dressings for use in neurosurgical procedures (Institute of Fundamental Technological Research PAS)
  • Estimate valuation of innovative pharmaceutical formulation for the moment of research completion (Warsaw Medical University)
  • Valuation of an innovative platform for organic substance diagnostics using spectroscopic methods (Institute of High Pressure Physics PAS/Institute of Physical Chemistry PAS)
  • Valuation of the technology of viable cell encapsulation for applications such as metabolic disease treatment (Lodz University of Technology)
  • Valuation of the component technology of a complex medical device based on microfluidics technology, conducted for transactional purposes (Institute of Physical Chemistry PAS)

Transaction advisory services

  • Support for the in-licensing process of a drug candidate (OncoArendi Therapeutics)
  • Support for the process of obtaining capital investors (valuations and investment projections, negotiation support) (OncoArendi Therapeutics)
  • Support for the debt capital acquisition process (Simplicardiac)

Management/Interim Management

  • Comprehensive management of a company at board level during the key stages of development (Simplicardiac)


  • Comprehensive patent auction concept (in cooperation with A. Podszywałow for the Institute of Physical Chemistry, PAS)
  • Innovation evaluation combined with an independent market and technology analysis of 2 independent telemedicine solutions
  • Comprehensive report on co-financing opportunities for research and development in Poland, involving public funds (Helix BioPharma)

We can provide letters of reference confirming, among other aspects, the fulfilment of the above-mentioned orders.