BMC services

BMC offers comprehensive services, tailored to the current situation and needs of the client.

These are the 5 key consulting services that make up the spectrum of our business:


Quick Look analysis

Preliminary analysis of technology commercialisation potential, applied e.g. in defining an IP strategy or the prioritisation of existing technologies.

In-depth analysis

Detailed analysis for a thorough project/technology commercialisation strategy (business plan) and the identification of all key commercial aspects of the process. Including equity research analysis, i.e. a detailed asset analysis with regard to their value for investment requirements, including investment bank requirements.

Technology valuation

Technology and technology company value assessment for intangible assets’ contribution to special purpose company, transactional purposes, introduction of formal regulation (by public research institutes), investment projections, etc. performed in accordance with international standards. We also offer valuations for licensing transactions, e.g. to determine the negotiation range for individual types of payments for a given licensing transaction.

Transaction advisory services

Obtaining capital investor support for project development; this includes attracting private investors from the investment banking sector through private placements (project roadshows and negotiations). Transaction advisory services also encompass licensing transaction assistance, including attracting licensees or partners interested in the project.

(interim management)

An overall temporary provision of resources and skills required in innovative project management. Interim management includes the establishment and management of a special purpose company, choice of the legal status, negotiations of key contracts, intellectual property management, and administration. At the earlier stages we also offer assistance in setting up spin-offs.

Our business speciality is assisting our foreign partners in locating their business activities in Poland, and assisting Polish teams in establishing contacts with foreign partners within the scope of our offer.

Who can use our services?

We specialise in the biotechnology sector, with a particular focus on biomedicine, biopharmacy and medical devices.

Our offer is aimed at:

  • Innovative companies
  • Individual inventors
  • Research institutes and research groups
  • Technology transfer units
  • Investment funds; venture capital and private equity funds (VE/PE)

Sample scope of services

For innovative companies:

  • analysis of the perspective for the commercialisation of innovations generated by the enterprise;
  • market analysis of the project, created for the purpose of obtaining public or private seed capital funding;
  • valuation of intellectual property as non-material contribution to publicly funded research projects, including valuation of the organised part of the enterprise for ownership transformation;
  • assistance in obtaining funding for the execution of innovative projects on the capital market (transaction advisory services), etc.

For individual inventors:

  • assistance in obtaining funding during the crucial early stages of project development;
  • assistance in setting up and managing a spin-off, negotiation support.

For research institutes and research groups:

  • review of the current scientific work with regard to its business value;
  • mentoring for current research projects with application potential until they are ready for commercialisation, including ongoing monitoring and verification of the research plans with regard to key events on the market;
  • identifying objects of intellectual property rights, which may be protected;
  • establishing industry contacts, etc.

For technology transfer units:

  • assistance in prioritising projects with regard to their application potential, and optimising the expenditure on the protection of intellectual property;
  • assistance in identifying industrial partners and conducting negotiations;
  • intellectual property valuation for formal purposes.

For investment funds:

  • all of the above-mentioned services;
  • detailed risk analysis for a given project investment;
  • investment profitability analysis (IRR, PI, etc.);
  • analysis of the optimal investment exit timing;
  • analysis of the possible investment entry and exit structure with regard to the net profitability;
  • temporarily (or permanently) supplementing newly created management teams, etc.