Our Team looks back on more than 10 years of experience in the management of commercial research projects, technology transfer, intellectual property management, valuation of intangible assets, market analyses, as well as fund seeking and public research project management.

Our team combines technical and scientific education (also at PhD level) with business-economic knowledge and skills. Of our three key team members:

  • all are biotechnologists;
  • 2 are engineers;
  • 1 is a business economist (highly prestigious Master of Science degree in Science and Technology Commercialization at the University of Texas at Austin, USA);
  • all are experienced business professionals.

We are also regularly invited to expert groups, where we participate in:

  • evaluation of grant applications to the European Commission (Seventh Framework Programme, four contest topics in 2009-2013);
  • foresight projects;
  • evaluation of grant applications to the National Centre for Research and Development;
  • preparation of the Polish Pharmaceutical Industry Road Map for the Polish Ministry of Economy.

Our team has the continuing support of experienced managers, scientists, capital investors, and specialists, also in the venture capital, private equity and investment banking fields.

Karina Kwapiszewska

Dr inż. Karina Kwapiszewska is a technology and business analyst at BMC responsible for substantive evaluation of biotechnological projects. She graduated from the Warsaw University of Technology with major in Chemical Biotechnology: Medicine and Cosmetic products at the Faculty of Chemistry (2009). She defended her PhD title in the field of chemical sciences in 2014 at the Faculty of Chemistry at the Warsaw University of Technology. Currently she is working for BMC and pursuing a postdoctoral internship at the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences. She is the author of 26 articles of international range (quoted >380 times), 2 chapters in books and 6 patents and 1 patent application. She is an award winner of prestige scientific prizes including scholarship START from the Foundation of Polish Science (2012, 2013) and scholarship for Leading Young Researchers from the Minister of Science and Higher Education (2015). She obtained scientific experience in the Netherlands, Denmark and Great Britain. She participated in many conferences and trainings dedicated to commercialisation of scientific research results, including SLAS (USA) and “Ignite” and “Enterprises” at Cambridge University (Great Britain).

Paweł Nakielski

Paweł Nakielski, PhD Eng. (dr inż.) is a business and technology analyst at BMC, responsible mainly for projects’ application potencial analysis and intellectual property valuation. He obtained an MSc in Chemical and Process Engineering at the Warsaw University of Technology (2010) and holds a PhD degree in technical sciences, obtained at the Nalecz Institute of Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering (2015). In parallel to his work at BMC he pursues his scientific career at the Institute of Fundamental Technological Research in the field polymer biomaterials in medical applications. Head/main executor of 7 projects in basic and application research. Author of thirteen scientific papers, a monograph and a patent application concerning method of production of nanofiber materials and their application. He was awarded numerous national and international awards as well as BioCentrum Ochota scholarship (Bio&Technology Innovations Platform, 2011-2014). Participant of numerous international conferences, workshops and symposia, both in the scientific and commercialization area. At the Institute, beyond his scientific activities he is responsible for application potential analysis of medical products, intellectual property protection management and obtaining funding for projects. In 2015, as part of the Top500 Innovators program he did 3 month internship at Cambridge and Oxford Universities.

Andrzej Białkowski-Miler

Andrzej Białkowski-Miler is the CEO and co-founder of BMC. He has 8 years’ experience in innovation management. He was an analyst and manager for BTM Mazowsze, and technology transfer specialist at the Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology PAS. He has conducted several dozen project analyses and technology valuations. He is a co-founder of 3 spin-offs (Glia Sp. z o.o., IMNTA Sp. z o.o., Simplicardiac Sp. z o.o.). At the Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology PAS he was responsible for the patent strategy of the institute. He is an expert member of several advisory groups – to The European Commission, Polish Ministry of Economy, foresight projects, etc. He obtained an MSc in biotechnology at the University of Wrocław (he defended his master’s thesis at the Institute of Protein Engineering) and completed a postgraduate Master of Science in Technology Commercialisation (MSTC) studies. He received the Minister’s Scholarship for outstanding achievements in science, was awarded training at McKinsey & Company and PwC, and was a finalist in the national competition Droga Na Harvard (The Road to Harvard).