Dr inż. Dorota Gierej-Czerkies

Dr inż. Dorota Gierej-Czerkies, Operations Director and Member of Management Board of Helix Immuno-Oncology. She has 7 years of experience in the area of management of innovations. She co-founded BMC and currently she is a shareholder of the company. Earlier she worked as a business and technology analyst and commercial proxy of BTM Mazowsze and as a Technology Transfer Specialist in the Nencki Institute of PAN (Polish Academy of Sciences), where she was responsible for searching and analysing projects of application potential and for intellectual property management. Earlier on, Dorota held the position of Clinical Tests Specialist (Monitoring of Tests) in AstraZeneca. She co-founded Microbiology Laboratory Quanteam. Graduate of industrial biotechnology at Warsaw University of Technology and of biotechnology at Warsaw University of Technology and she holds a doctorate in biological sciences in the field of neurobiology, obtained at the Nencki Institute. Award winner of the competition Warsaw Innovation Potential City and scholar of Network of European Neuroscience Schools. Dorota is a co-author of scientific publications and conference communications presented at international conferences. She is also an expert at the National Centre for Research and Development in the area of evaluation of biomedical projects.