BMC assisted in obtaining capital investment of app. 3 M EUR

Założone 4 spółki spin-off i pozyskane fundusze

BMC, acting as an external expert, valued R&D programmes of the OncoArendi Therapeutics in the process of valuation of the company for tranactional purposes.  OncoArendi Therapeutics closed on 15th January 2015 a Series A financing round with Michał Sołowow as a leading investor acting via the IPOPEMA 112 FIZAN fund. OncoArendi is a dynamically growing biotechnological company, which develops innovative anti-inflammatory and antitumor drugs with unique mechanisms of actions. The capital raised will allow the company to work on its key programmes for the next three years: potential asthma therapy and a group of new compounds stimulating the anti-tumour response of the human immune system.